How to find new studies for your research site

There are different strategies for finding new studies for your research site.

  1. Search simply at, where a huge number of studies are posted and desired studies can be found.
  2. Do not waste time in small studies, studies that are not enrolling within country and which are almost completed.
  3. Make hundreds of calls and emails to get one solid lead.
  4. If got notified about any study that is no longer added by new sites, get the opportunity to submit information for future studies  which will be considered if the trials need new sites.
  5. Follow up on every new response and stay persistent.
  6. Stay in touch with every MSL and rep that comes in practice to your PI.
  7. Develop a network with other sites that are comfortable with sharing study leads, giving advice and feedback for any issue and query at your site.
  8. Most importantly, show great performance with any study and get enrolled in sites with excellent quality, sponsors and CROs will come back to you again and again.



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