How to Get a Clinical Research Internship

  • There are some classical ways to find internships in clinical research industry:
  • Finalize goal that what are you looking for your career in clinical research.
  • Search for different internship opportunities as different universities, CROs, pharmaceutical industries are offering internship and you can search these on which is most commonly used.
  • Internship programs can be searched on different job boards as or or glass door. But is most preferable to find clinical research internships.
  • Go to different CROs websites on daily basis and apply for all the available internship opportunities.
  • Go to career guidance office in your institute and tell them about your desire for internship in clinical research as they are in constant contact with different companies and they can help you to find a suitable internship.
  • Use your network to find internship opportunities. If there’s any CRO or a clinical coordinator in your contact or anyone further in your contact can help you to get an internship.


  • Some unique strategies can be applied to get an internship, when you have both time and force but have no experience. Bring these to table and get an internship in order to gain experience.


  • Go to linked in, find a recruiter and tell him about your status and tell him that you are looking for internship to get experience.
  • Tell recruiter that you can work for free in order to gain experience. This shows that you are humble, passionate and hungry to learn.
  • Contact any site owner and provide value that you will help him to recruit patients on commission basis and in return working with the study coordinator to gain experience. This will help to earn both money and experience.
  • If you want or need anything, just ask for it. Whether you are looking for job, internship or salary and you will not have anything until you ask for them.



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