How to Get a Clinical Research Internship in India

You should have education that is most familiar and applicable to clinical research industry such as masters in clinical research because degree does not matter. Recruiters only judge on the basis of experience and degrees if they are relevant to research and to the industry and they only pay according to the position and experience despite of how many degrees you have. Having experience that is possible through an internship is very helpful to get a start in clinical industry.

People want to become clinical research assistants and for that they should find a place with a lot of opportunities, where CROs are expanding their companies and businesses. Study coordinator is also a good option when CROs are running a lot of trials and are working on many studies because as much research experience you have more will be the opportunities and career progression you will have.

You should apply for the clinical industry through the best site such as where you can apply for your desired position in your most favorable location.


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