How to Get a Clinical Research Job in Chicago

People who are looking to start their career in clinical industry and have no experience, should start from the entry level positions and it become easier for them to get into the industry in any entry level position when they have a medical degree and especially when they are located in the city where many CRO industries are situated.


People should visit websites of the hospitals, CROs and medical institute where clinical research related positions are posted by the recruiters such as where they can find many entry level positions such as clinical trial assistant, study coordinator and data management assistant. These websites are updated for every single day and applicant should keep checking it every day and apply for every recently posted position.

Study coordinator:

Starting as study coordinator is the best options and can be easy to get selected when there are many hospitals, clinics and medical institutes in your location, where they have some patients and running research studies. They require study coordinators to look after their studies. Study coordinator experience is also beneficial to become CRA in future because they have all the experience to deal with the study site and patients.

Go for it:

Take any position offered by the CRO whether its entry level or a contract position and go for it whether it’s in another location, move to that location. Starting as a contractor also gives you the clinical industry related experience and research experience that is beneficial for future career progressions in clinical industry.

Apply and be careful:

Apply for more than two hundred jobs in order to get some interview calls and can also benefit you to get a job offer. People should be careful when applying for the entry level positions to not to mention in their resumes if they have any medical degree because recruiter may find you over qualified and will not reach you for entry level position.

People having medical degrees should apply for the positions like SUB-I and MD.

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