How to Handle an Angry Boss

  • First thing to do is to understand the anger. Is your boss is just having a bad day and you are the first person to came across and your boss decided to take it on you.
  • If the anger is misdirected towards you don’t think too much and just forget it.
  • If there’s something you did intentionally or not, first thing is to apologize according to the severity of the mistake.
  • Take your steps earlier, showing your boss that you are sorry, mature, accepting your mistake and letting them know that you are learning from your mistakes and will never let it happen again.
  • Now you need to over-deliver if you come up with the same situation in future, on which your boss was angry last time, telling him that you learned from your last mistake with the best of your quality and you are mature.
  • Final step is to take the victory lap, telling your boss and team mates that how you learned from your mistakes and you are grown well because of recent opportunities given to you by your boss and how mature you are now.
  • These are the things that will help you in such situations and these will really be appreciated and will also help you in future performances.



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