How to Handle Feeling Overwhelmed In Clinical Trials

In clinical research industry, people feel overwhelmed for most of the time as they are assigned to many studies and have to report for the work progress to different managers because every study has its own manager.

There are certain ways to overcome the overwhelming feeling while at work as given below:

  1. Go home:

At the end of the day after completing the working hours at office, people should go back to their home and should fulfill their household duties. This helps in altering their mind from their work and they can feel more relaxed and comfortable. For this purpose they can wash their car, perform workout and can work on their project for couple of hours.

  1. Use PTOs:

People should use their PTOs when they are allowed to, after completing their office tasks especially when they are feeling over whelmed. This helps to have some space from office routine work and they will feel more fresh, motivated and passionate when they get back to their work.

  1. Audit your workload:

In clinical research, everyone has its FTE while allocation to studies and tasks and people should make sure that they are falling within their allocated time and task. They can talk to their managers to better manage their FTE when they are unable to perform their allocated tasks with in required time. This will enable them to fulfill their duties in time and they will not face anything that can make them feel overwhelming.



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