How to Make the Most of a Clinical Research Internship

Voluntarily do the hard things first because these things are time consuming, could be boring and mostly people don’t like to do these hard stuffs. These could be meeting minutes and TMF. These things are very vital in clinical trials and TMF is an easy way to get it started.

 People are assigned to different meetings individually as sponsor meetings, internal or external meetings. Firstly just listen and then take your meeting minutes which will help you to learn about clinical trials and clinical research. And as an intern without any experience, start getting used to all the terms.


Your internship will help you to grow your networking with other clinical research centers and with clinical research professionals which can help to get a job after your internship. Networks are networks whether they are at CRO level, pharmacy level or site level. Your references are your network.


While doing an internship, company may not have a specific task for you but your mentor get something for you. Here you will use your network to get some flexibility to do some other jobs except your dedicated work to have more experience of other thing that may help you in future. This will help you to select a suitable position.


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