How to Negotiate For a Bigger Clinical Research Salary

Staying at the same company for a year will not get you more salary and privileges due to which people keep applying for new opportunities for more experiences. But staying at the same company, you can also negotiate your salary to increase further by using some tips as given below:

•   You should think for the best time and opportunity to negotiate your salary instead of thinking about the amount of salary you want to be increased. Such when you get any reward or any new certification and there is high value for your skills in the market you can ask your boss for salary increase.

•   Let your bosses know that you can apply for another CRO that will help you to negotiate your salary because company’s merit increases are way too long and are very small. Up to year and a half you are well experience to apply in other CROs with more salary expectations.

•   You can also ask for raise when you are doing a lot more responsibilities.

•   Defining goals and determining the market value for your skills and experience and you can determine these things through different websites and your colleagues. These things will help you to build your salary expectations.

•   Document all of your accomplishments as on the resume make it worthy to grab the recruiter’s attention.

•   Write an email or a letter in which your mention your goals and accomplishments and ensure them that you deserve that raise.

Send this letter to your manager and you can also present it during the meeting with your manager.


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