How to Play Office Politics - Clinical Trials Industry

Politics is one of the most common things occur at workplace and it helps the most to the people for getting their promotions, for making more money, to get better opportunities and to be on the best projects. In clinical research there are things that can help to mitigate office politics as working from home that cut down office politics.

There are things that can help to stay safe from office politics as given below:-

1.   Work hard and be nice:-

Working hard and be nice to people is one of the things that help to prevent office politics but also develop a good relation and network with the people because they like to work with hard working individuals with good ethics. These networks help to get the insights of the business and to understand that how things work inside the company. This helps to come across the best opportunities and to improve at certain points for career progressions in the company.

2.   Build multiple networks:-

People should build multiple networks inside their company with different departments as with finance and marketing department, with project managers and at CRA levels. This allows getting all the feedbacks and upcoming opportunities within the company and especially these people with also defend and support you in case of any trouble and need.

This takes time to build those relationships with people within the company.

3.   Always cover:-

People should always cover themselves within the company to avoid any kind of trouble and blame coming toward them. This can be done by documenting things, keeping the emails and keeping tracks of the things to keep a record that whether thing went wrong because of them or not. This helps to build company capital that always help in the times of need.

These are the offensive tactics to play office politics in order to build career within the company and outside the industry.


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