How to Prioritize Your Workload in Clinical Research

People who are new in the clinical research industry and have just started their career in entry level roles are unable to perform well. They have less knowledge and experience to understand terms, to organize meetings, setting up agendas, doing meeting minutes and handling trackers and various other responsibilities. They require a lot of time, experience and help in prioritizing and getting proficient with their workload at workplace. Improvements can easily be seen by an experience of year.

There are few tips that are beneficial and helpful in prioritizing the workload as follows:-

1.   Timing:-

Timing matters in clinical research where all the tasks have their timelines and deadlines. When assigned with any task or number of tasks, people should perform those at first place having close deadline. Despite of the timelines, they should perform the task first that was assigned first to them.

2.   Importance:-

For a person who is new to CRO space, it’s hard to realize and understand the importance of the tasks. He is unable to figure out that which task should be done immediately and which can be delayed but this understanding comes with experience. This also depends upon the timelines of the tasks as it can be multiple studies that a person can be assigned with. These timelines are very vital to be kept in mind but little variations are bearable.

Ø All the working and performance capabilities come with experience as when a study is starting, people know how to start with the study from the beginning. They make study contact list with the information of all the individuals participating in the study. This helps them to knock their timelines and impress their managers. These anticipating skills are very necessary for successful career.

3.   Simply asking:-

Instead of making mistakes, people should ask their managers and colleagues about the importance of the tasks to be done as first priority. This will help them to know that which task they need to focus and which can be delayed. Asking the people having more experience is helpful and it also motivates other to lend a helping hand.


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