How to Provide Performance Feedback - Clinical Research Industry

In clinical research industry, feedbacks are important in order to get promotions and bonuses because the manager wants to know about the performances of their employees the ways they deal with their clients. These performance reviews are saved in the employee’s profile and is used for the promotional purposes.

They are ways to provide effective feedbacks as given below:

  1. Always stay positive while working in a clinical research industry to avoid any regret in future especially on a performance review.
  2. Think honestly about the positive things that a person has done while working with them and mentioning their skills like good communication and finance management.
  3. Always give feedback about a person in a pious way that he cannot offend in return.
  4. Try to let people know about their weaknesses at their faces to avoid ant later surprise.

There are two types of performance review:

  1. Most people do qualitative performance review listing the attribute of team work, attention to detail, responds an entirely manner. Quality performance review should be preferred where you can provide examples and actual feedback.
  2. Quantitative performance review is to rate they rate the performances of people from a scale of one to ten.

Don’t give negative feedback because it can hurt you in the future if your anonymity reveals and he can give negative feedback too in return and can hurt in various other aspects like bonuses.



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