How to Smoothly Transition Off a Clinical Research Study

Transitions have always been the part of the clinical research industry where people make transitions whether it’s from department to department, company to company and study to study.

In CRO industry, when working on a research study, people can make transition and can assign someone well versed of the study protocols on their place to continue on that study. These transitions are also necessary and people should know how to smoothly make those transitions.

Here are some tips that can help in making smooth transitions as follows:-

1.   Preparation:

Preparations for the smooth transition should start from day one on the study where an employee on a study should make sure that he is performing all of his tasks within the timelines and efficiently. He should make sure that his trackers are up-to-date, emails are organized and all the documents are organized for the clinical trials. This helps in times when they need to make transition and they don’t need to hassle for their pending tasks and someone else can easily take his place.

2.   Setup transition meetings:

Before making the transition, employee on the study should setup one or two transition meetings with the person who is transitioning in his place, telling him about the roles and tasks to perform on the study making him completely aware of the study, protocols and responsibilities. These meetings are to help that person to completely understand the position and its roles and to clear all the queries.

·        There is also a form in TMF files that involves the information about any transition and who touch the study at the end of it. It is also a wise move to document all the information and things discussed during the meeting.

3.   Finish strong:

Always make sure to finish strong at work and completing all the tasks and responsibilities for the study before making the transition. This helps to put the new person in the best position to succeed with the study and will give a very good impression as you can leave the company with good reputation.   

4.   Don’t delete files:

After making the transition, there is no need to delete the files and emails of the study which can be required if you get back to the study and if the new person wants information regarding to the study. This information should stay available at least for a month.

These are some important keys for making smooth transitions.


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