How to Stay Competitive in the Era of Digital Clinical Trials - For Study Sponsors and Sites

Digital clinical trials are the preface for virtual trials and de-centralized clinical trials.

There are tips from both sponsor and research site perspectives which they can implement while conducting digital and de-centralized trials. These tips are given as below:


Investigators at the research site who are responsible for conducting research should learn more and more about the study trial and modern ways for conducting trials. This knowledge can be gained from everywhere whether it is from social media content, books and by attending conferences. Research sites should learn from the vendors and experts because these ways of conducting research are always getting modern.


Research sites should think for the ways to streamline your processes, improving quality and proficiencies, ways for maintaining the costs and accelerating the procedures. Site should look for the sincere objectives for further improvement for their processes of conducting trials in order to stay competitive and maintain that competitiveness in CRO industry. Tools and technologies can be used for all required improvements.

Incorporate digital efforts:

Sites should merge digital initiatives within their research processes that will make it more comfortable for the site and its staff for their trials and they will grow and stand competitive in CRO space. Incorporating digital efforts will improve the ways for dealing with the patients and clinical trials.

Showcase your value:

Always showcase your value to sponsors in research process within the area of patient recruitment and retention. Patient recruitment and retention relates to digital trials because sponsors want to go directly to the patients. This will also improve patient recruitment and retention.

   •   These are the ways for both sponsors and study sites to improve their competition in CRO space.


do learn from these ways and they should also learn from vendors and should collaborate with the study sponsors to get a close view of the study site. They should design their protocols for studies according to digital perspectives and protocols should be more flexible and adaptable. Incorporation of small digital efforts within new trials can provide comfort the site, patients and study teams.



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