How to Stay Organized In Clinical Researchq

While working at any organization, people want their things to be well organized and they get better at it with time and experience.

There are things that people struggle with while organizing them in the workplace, as given below:-

1.  Emails:-

People who are new to the CRO industry feel surprising by the huge number of emails they receive while at work. It is very important for the employees to have a system that enable them to not to miss any information and tasks that they are supposed to perform. These organizing skills take time to develop.

Flag feature:-

One of the things that can be used to keep the emails organized is by using the flag feature. This flagging feature helps to put a flag on any email that allows having a quick glance on that important email while scrolling through mails. These flagged emails can directly be searched from the search bar. This feature is used as the task manager.

·        People are good in organizing their work by making specific folders for each task, by setting reminders in their emails and calendar and by just keeping it in their head that is the least good ability to keep things organized at work.




Color tabs:-

People also use color tab on their outlook id where they color their emails and information with specified colors as red color for important information, green for referrals and blue for the tasks that are done.

2.   Calendar:-

This is the second biggest hurdle that people struggle with while managing their calendars.

People use calendar as it helps them to get a reminder for their meetings and timelines for their important tasks and deliverables. There is also a feature in outlook that helps to get a reminder fifteen minutes before the specific information that was entered to get a reminder.

People use these reminders, flags and calendars especially when they are working with more than one protocol on more studies and tasks.


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