How to Use Linked In To Network (Clinical Research)

Having a good network on linked in profile is helpful and important and it helps you to get hired by the recruiter. If you are already working at any CRO, it helps to get more trials. Having a huge network is advantageous. So, here are some tips to boost your network on your linked in profile:

  1. Start with people you know:

Start you network with the people who are already in your connection. These people can be your friends and the people you are working with in your office whether they do not belong to clinical side of things. Ask these people about clinical side of things and if they know anything or anyone in clinical industry which can be helpful for you.

  1. Reach people with common connections:

Introduce yourself with people who may not know you but both are working under the same roof for the same company and with people you were once connected to but lost your connection and interaction vanished. Reach them and start conversation with them, develop that bond again and include them in your network. These people can understand you in a better way and can help you if they know anything about clinical industry or a person relevant to clinical industry.

  1. Target people of interest:

If someone in your office or around you is working hard and looks like a person of interest that can be helpful for you to know anything or anyone in clinical industry. Reach to that person and interact with him with a value that you can also offer in return. Find ways to begin your network with such people and give them the reason to interact with you and to share their thoughts. At final stage, only thing you have to do is to ask them if they know anyone in clinical industry who can help you to start your career in clinical industry.

  1. Be consistent:

Keep struggling, do never lose hope and continue to enhance your network because your network is your net worth. There will be more chances to get desired information from people if you have a huge network as only one fourth people from your network will reach out to you and share their information and thoughts with you.



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