I live in China and Want to be a CRA Part 2


Certifications of CCPR, CCRA, and IAOCR are recognized worldwide but with no experience in clinical research, these certifications are useless. These certifications are also for those who are experienced in clinical research because these certifications are very tough to pass.

Experience driven industry:

Recruiters always hire people who are experienced because people who have no experience but only certifications cannot be competent in CRO industry. Experience is preferred over certifications because CRO industry is experience driven industry that can be helpful for further career progressions in clinical research industry. Having experience in clinical research also make it a lot easier to get a job at any CRO.

Implement knowledge:

Certifications can be useful and helpful when you are already working in a CRO whether as a study coordinator or at any entry level position because your site and company will also sponsor you for certification courses that will enhance your knowledge. Most important thing is that you will be able to implement that knowledge gained from the course in your work at site.


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