I Live In China and Want to Become A CRA

CRO industry is a global industry that is working all around the globe in every country and there are many huge CROs around the world and they are working on huge studies and researches. Within these CROs, people are working remotely from different countries and they are working as a team on a study and are connected virtually through internet services. All CROs whether they are operating from another country have available CRA position because CRAs are always in demand who deal with all the important aspects involved in a research study.

Golden opportunities:

Many of the big CROs have their headquarters in USA where people can get huge golden opportunities but they have their sub-branches around the world in different countries where they are working on different drugs and running trials and they also have many available positions and they do provide career progressions for their employees.


Instead of moving abroad, people should stay in their country and struggle to get a good job because they know better about their country, its rules and regulations and about its market. Every country has their own platforms where they promote their citizens and encourage them to participate in their country’s development.


Search on the internet about CRO industry in your country and on what studies they are working and about the locations of their sites where they are running their studies and working on various drugs. Search for their available positions and go for them. If you are without any experience and want to start from entry level position, you can apply for study coordinator, trial assistant and for management side and don’t mention high degrees in resume when applying for entry level jobs.

Multinational companies:

People who know multiple languages can easily get a job in multinational companies who have their sub-branches in other countries and have employees from other countries who talk other languages. These people can be very beneficent for the company and company will pay him a huge amount of money because they can easily deal with company’s employees around the world.

People having a medical degree can get positions in clinical industry as medical research liaison, medical affairs, protocol writing and can join other pharmaceutical roles when they are not interested in practicing medicine.



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