I Live In the UK How Do I Become a CRA

Having a master’s degree and being an experienced medical doctor is very easy to get your foot in the clinical research industry and having some experience in clinical research can help you to get to the higher position of CRA. People with such experience can become in-house CRAs, study coordinators, project management and these positions can lead you to CRA position.

Don’t mention:

When applying for entry level positions in clinical research industry with master’s degree in pharmaceuticals and medical doctor but you have no experience of clinical industry, you should not put those qualifications on your resume because recruiters will not hire you for entry level position as thinking of you as an experienced individual who can demand high salary.

Available positions:

Medical doctors in pharmacy can apply for other specific positions as medical science liaison, project investigator and sub-I in research as these are also clinical research positions which can further lead to CRA position.

Medical affairs, protocol writing, medical writer at entry level position also require clinical research related background.



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