I Want To Be A CRA but It Is Very Hard To Find a Job

CRA position is the most glorious position in clinical research industry but it is also very hard to achieve that position as it’s not an entry level position. CRO industry is an experience based industry that makes it hard for the fresh graduates and others to get into clinical research industry. Sponsors also want people to have an experience of two years as CRA in industry to work on their studies.

Qualification background:-

Having the qualification background as degree in biochemistry, clinical research volunteering experience, courses as bio-ethics, ICH-GCP and drug development, these can be helpful to achieve entry level role in CRO space. These are not enough to become a clinical research associate as it requires years of CRO experience and skills.

CRA training programs:-

People can become CRA without experience by participating in clinical research associate training program that is very competitive program. These programs have their own eligibility criteria’s as they require having experience of a year or of clinical research coordinator role to get into this program. But there are always opportunities where companies allow people with no experience to participate in these courses.

Easiest way to become a CRA:-

Easiest way to become a CRA is to start in the industry from the entry level roles whether it’s an intern, clinical research coordinator, clinical trial assistant and contractor. From there, people can make their way toward CRA position because the first step is to get into the industry that is also very hard.


Resume is another thing that people should give attention to while applying for the CRO industry. They should highlight their experiences, qualifications, adding keywords in it and referring things toward clinical research industry and the position they are applying for. Resume also helps to make a difference when applying for a position.


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