Improve Your Chances of Getting the Job in 5min Or Less

Chances of getting job can be improved by doing some extra efforts and one of them is writing a thank-you note or an email and is defined as below:

  • Emailing a thank-you letter to the recruiter of the company can improve your chances to get your job and you can have recruiter’s email by letting them know if you want to ask any queries afterwards. Sending them a thank-you email will give a good impression and is better than sending a thank-you note especially when you are applying to another company.
  • If you are changing your position within the company you are working in then handwritten note will be better which can be delivered by hand and company’s mailing services can be helpful.
  • You should deliver the thank-you note or thank-you email to the recruiters and hiring managers within twenty four hours after the interview.
  • Person who has written a thank-you email or a note will be preferred than others who did not.



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