Improving clinical trial patient recruitment via an NHS benchmarking platform

Life science companies are facing challenges with complexity and inclusion/exclusion that is actually the criteria of trials and cost for the trials that is enhancing and the number of participating patients going down due to the complexities. Companies are having issue in bringing their drugs and molecules to the market with faster ways.

Ways to overcome:

Companies can overcome their difficulties and weaknesses by getting able to leverage real world data in order to find the eligible patients for the improved treatment.  This will benefit the hospitals because they would be able to run their trials more efficiently and become able to get more patients for the trials. These procedures will advantage the clinical companies to run their trials faster that will ultimately benefit the patients especially for those who are not called for the trial depending upon the eligibility criteria that helps to get the drugs to the right patients.

Data set:

The researchers are working with the healthcare teams on a pilot. This pilot is to understand the ways to use information in the infrastructure that healthcare team has already developed a data set. This allow them to access identify the patients that are eligible for the trials running in the trials.


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