In-House CMA Interview

CMA (clinical monitoring associates) work on inside kind of jobs like trauma master file agreement, making sure these are good to go and reaching out other sites making sure they have documents, reaching out to CRAs making sure they have uploaded the documents, so they can upload documents to TMF. Their job also includes doing a lot of reports and site monitoring calls.

IC HDCP gave instructions to increase CRAs because things are going in risk based monitoring direction. The positive thing about this is that they want to increase patient’s safety and improving data. Risk based monitoring supposed to reduce the cost also.

In- house interview is an internal interview for CMA position and recruiters can be the CTO of the department. They can ask specific questions about regulatory doctors or essential doctors and about last job of the candidate. They have people from the same department, that’s why they already knew what we do and what we are about as they do not need to ask much. They send our resumes to their boss who is the director of the department and can recommend us for correct job and correct individuals and things can go in positive directions.


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