IQVIA has been in data business since 1955 and has spent hundreds of millions of dollars per year for just maintaining its integrated data sets. They have always taken their protocols and privacy protocols under consideration.

There are many challenges for the healthcare industry as many life science companies have made bold statements for moving into machine learning digital. With the helps to these, they want to shape the future of their companies and healthcare industry. It’s very difficult for the life sciences company to become a digital AI enable company.

The unstructured data is the easier side of the clinical processes because it’s the people who change cultures to make that data work in processes. The governments are also waking up the power of information they have in solving complex healthcare problems and building assets. Many countries have integrated data assets that they can commercialize.

The pharmaceutical companies and partner of the future should be able to dissociate themselves from one another. One hand having complex discussions about market access rebate pricing and other hand have conversation to get most out of information. This will cause incredible advances on the right hand side through the technology companies that are happening.


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