IQVIA 2018 APAC Healthcare Summit

IMS and Quintiles are the two complementary companies that came together in order to create value proposition for their clients that they were unable to find in the marketplace since then there is a great termination in healthcare. It helped for the betterment of the lives and also for the creation of long term sustainable businesses and these businesses have the power at the same time to make a positive change in the business world and in society by improving their quality of lives.

Goals and perspectives:

  • An important goal is to provide healthcare professionals online that can provide access to information more instantly and partnering with life science healthcare where it will be beneficial for the clients to get delivered their desired product within an hour.
  • These collaborations are on the basis of the trust, advisories and the best ways to handle the data, privacies and transparencies.
  • This organization goes beyond the pills by understanding the sufferings of the patients and then delivering the medicines accordingly and in an effective manner.
  • Their concern are for generating idea as electronically collecting data to improve quality of data that is a lot better as compared to traditional site base monitoring that also reduces that cost for PIs.
  • Their ideas are to replace jobs that will reduce cost in order to save the company from any costly danger.
  • They understand their patient’s and client’s need by personal interactions.
  • Building trust with the government for future progresses.
  • Educating the people about health, wellness and about the values of proper diet and lifestyle that can provide significant improvements in the field of healthcare.
  • They are focusing on patient engagement personalized medicines and toward the improvement in healthcare.

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