IQVIA 2019 European Technology Conference

Main goals of the IQVIA industry are given as below:

  1. Inventing and revolutionizing the technologies for the better quality of life for the humanity.
  2. Working with passions to organize and develop ways to deliver right drugs to the right patients, faster.
  3. Bringing innovations for the economic betterment of drugs developing industries.
  4. Driving paradigm shifting innovations.
  5. Bringing innovative technology to drive healthcare forward in order to make patients life better.
  6. Acquisition with various industries in order to co-create and provide them with a platform to develop an engagement model with their customers.
  7. IQVIA provide trust for your sensitive information, priorities data and patient information.
  8. To move from information technology to information solution.
  9. Fundamental human data Science Company that has develops technology for commercial ecosystem.



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