IQVIA and EBP - The Credibility of Experience and the Power of Innovation

Emerging bio-pharmaceutical companies take big risk in order to make the right and bigger decisions by driving innovation and treatment forward for the patients around the world.

Needs and pressure:

These pharmaceutical companies are making changes and real difference in the real world. These companies have their own specific needs and pressures such as:-

1.     Ensuring funding.

2.     Managing stakeholder.

3.     Delivering studies.

4.     Managing resource constraints.

5.     launch planning

These are required in order to get to their milestones.

Quintiles IMS:

The future of these companies, their programs and the patients they are aiming to help, are all at stake. Quintiles IMS offers the personalized attentions and global therapeutic expertise that can help these companies to confidently make the right evidence and helps in optimizing the values of their assets. These companies can combine their knowledge and innovation with a confidence that comes from having the experience and insights of Quintiles IMS on their side. 


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