IQVIA CORE - Make Decisions with Confidence

IQVIA core helps its customers to make right decisions with confidence. Their decisions have consequences but yet they are clouded with uncertainty. IQVIA help their customers to make right decisions.

Idea for providing full information:

IQVIA was attracted toward the idea where the healthcare can be so much better by providing the opportunity to the people to make their decisions by getting fully informed by the information available at IQVIA platform.


The biggest gap between the people and the information was the spreading of information into six different places that can be reached by the people but still they were unable to make it to the point to take the right decision. People did not have the analytics to be able to make the sense of the information in order to answer the specific questionnaires.


This gives the opportunity to IQVIA to bring those scattered pieces of information at one place in order to make the data more scalable and help people to get the insights before making the decisions.

Powerful asset:

The core is the purposeful asset of IQVIA that powers their solution through dynamic integration of IQVIA’s unparalleled data, transformative technologies, advanced analytics and essential domain expertise. This helps their customers to achieve their possible needs by making right decisions and to discover better and faster paths to success.


Data capability:

IQVIA has built their data capability and acid over the course of last sixty years across hundred countries based on the questions of their clients. These data capabilities enable IQVIA to provide faster and efficient answer to their client’s queries.


The goals of IQVIA are far more than just bringing IQVIA forward and bringing its customers forward, their hope is to gain the capability that enable them to collectively solve the healthcare’s biggest challenges.


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