There should be an advancement in the technologies of pharmaceutical companies especially for the data collection of their patients that is getting impossible with their traditional paper method and electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) are making patient’s data collection more easier, simpler and more reliable by using advance technologies and through interconnected devices that collects data directly from the patients. ECOA are motivating sponsors to follow traditional software development lifecycle that can be expensive, time consuming and free from any error. IQVIA ECOA is a cutting edge data collection solution that is powered by IQVIA core that enables a patient centric approach and also improves the positive experiences for both study teams and patients. Advanced studies build a platform that helps to open real time from patient’s data collection solutions where patient’s voice can also be amplified.


IQVIA includes a tool where assessments can easily be opened and build. It has some features like drag-and-drop interface and pre-built assessment library that enables faster and flexible study startup. It also allows you to examine assessments on multiple devices at the same time and to identify potential errors on a secure platform.


Scribe tool is a patient facing app that is user-friendly and can be used online and offline and works on both iOS and Android devices and it features a scheduling capability for alerts and reminders to improve compliance. This tool can enhance industry's proficiency and enable ECOA to set up three times faster than traditional methods while improving data transparency and protocols. Its efficiencies can also be improved by auto-generating specification documents eliminating manual efforts.

IQVIA ECOA platform is committed to utilize the power of cutting-edge technology and industry skills to enable you to go to market quickly, safely and efficiently and bringing the right medicines to the right patients.


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