IQVIA Flex view

The evolution of technology has come with Nike rain that allows governing the complexity of information more easily and also facilitates in decision making. The information under analysis is increasingly testing the main challenges of operability. The management of big data is a simple, fast and intuitive way for integration of information that facilitates the ever changing market analysis that have a single suitable tool for the integration and analysis of data.

In this era, there are new technological platforms for the exploitation of data flex 1000. This platform is created to respond to the versatility and autonomy of the client in the analysis of powerful data. It is an interactive platform that simplifies the management of information, its element and characterize. It facilitates the generation through data reports and the platform allows to work with speed.

Speed data transformation is based on the customer's market and it is possible to visualize the modern dashboard values and ??the personalization of reports that are achieved from a single configuration panel. Configuration for various sources of information through a series of functions, interactive graphical readings are obtained and allow interaction between users within the same organization. To promote collaborative work in real time, simple exportation in power point and excel including interactive graphics and editable with flex view the power of information is in your hands


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