IQVIA™ Forecast Link

IQVIA’s forecast link is a powerful commercial forecasting solution for the pharma and biotech industries. It provides sales forecasts based on huge data by connecting 10,000 drugs, 600 diseases and 73 countries. Forecast linked answers key questions as follows:-

·        What is the ten-year forecast for my drug?

·        What is the 10-year forecast for my disease?

·        What is the 10-year forecast for my country?



The process of forecasting is labor-intensive involving large inconsistent datasets that quickly become outdated. The time-consuming tasks are all performed automatically with forecasts link and the consumer can instantly view future drug sales, arrival of generics, new launches and volumes. These can be seen in terms of standard units, patient days and predicted future pricing. It provides the view drug sales segmented by 73 countries and allows to explore 600 disease forecasts. This vast array of forecasts is first created by trending forward mightest data volumes. Secondly, by eventing for the predicted arrival of generics, new launches by transparent share shift methodology. Future prices are calculated based on analogs and produces sales forecasts by combining volume and price data.


Unique feature:-

Unique feature of forecast link is that the whole process is repeated for 10,000 drugs, across 600 diseases and 73 countries and refreshed every quarter. Forecast link is for those who want to be free of tiresome data management tasks and to jump straight to ready to use forecast spanning 10,000 drugs, 600 diseases and 73 countries. 


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