IQVIA London's Women Inspired Network

IQVIA has organized a network as WIN (women inspired network) that works for the creation of community who supports and inspires women. To work toward this aim, IQVIA London brought together the leaders in UK life sciences.

These leaders define their roles as:-

1.   It’s the most wonderful job they have where they work as independent advisors to government as permanent secretary that is the very top level of civil service. 

2.   Determined for combining different facets of the world that work like a triangle between A, B and C that is academia, business and clinical community. They struggle to find the value propositions, ways to push it healthcare forward and to catalyze people and inspire people to come on that journey with healthcare.

Career advices:-

·        Women should believe in her first and then move along with it in the society as their strength but most importantly, hard work is the only key to make a difference. People who made history were able to do so because they did extraordinary hard work.

·        Women should learn about where their strengths are and asking questions is not a bad thing. They should not rely on someone else on the journey to support them because everyone has its own intellect.


Skills for success:-

·        To be successful, people need both IQ and EQ in order to stand firm in the society. Most of the people have IQ that they can use to be successful unless they utilize it but some of them stuck for managing their society due to their EQ that is the emotional intelligence.

·        People should be determined enough to go through all the situations whether it’s hard for them ‘but they should be smart enough to understand whether they can make it or not and if there is any need to find another way out and this comes with the determination plus intelligence behind it.

Importance of mentorship for success:-

People realize in their career that they don’t have skill set, access to people and things required to perform things in a better way and at the same time they can develop an ability to ask questions to the people and to make introductions with them that helps to receive some sort of help.

In the journey toward the success, mentors are the individuals who can play the key role by giving directions to the people by helping to find their strengths, to follow their passions and letting them about the people who can help to bring success close to them.


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