IQVIA™ Patient Portal

Central to the success of a patient centric clinical trial program, researchers understands the desires of their patients as given below:

1.     Ninety three percent of the patients show their interest in helping the researchers to design trials.

2.     Seventy eight percent willing to help in progress study updates.

3.     Eighty nine percent patients show their will to get access to their data and results.

IQVIA introduce their IQVIA Patient Portal that is a global web based solution built on a self-support health cloud platform utilizing the IQVIA CORE to power its combination of capabilities as it pulls in un-paralleled data, transformative technology, advanced analytics and domain expertise.


This IQVIA patient portal is beneficial; in various manners as given below:-

1.     Enables long term patient centric engagement, transparency and partnering through an easy access to solution.

2.     It provides a secured personalized environment offering access to the patient to their study information throughout the clinical trial journey without the reliance on study sites to update and manage.

3.     This portal helps in bringing individual data return as labs, vitals and body measurement to its registered patient and proving meaningful reports allowing patients to better understand their study goals and outcomes after trial completion.

This potal meets the global regulatory requirements and keeps patients personal data secure.

IQVIA continues to engage with their patients after the completion of the trials through the Alumni community that enable them as:-

1.     To connect with patient population align with their clinical trial program.

2.     These engagements help them to create direct patient surveys to inform trial design, retention planning, trial endpoint development and regulatory reviews.

3.     Keeping the patient at the center of the clinical development process and providing the experience that is simple, streamlined and transparent,

4.     Providing access to support services, help documents, introductory videos and FAQs (frequently asked questions).

5.     Empowering patients to stay informed and engaged before, during and after trials. Offering solution to reduce site burden to manage patient engagement and retention tasks.

6.     Help sponsors to maximize retention efforts through long term engagement and gathering patients experience data to support new drug approval beyond the trials.

This IQVIA patient portal is developed by listening to patients need and transforming the clinical trial experience and maximizing study retention.


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