IQVIA Precision Enrollment

IQVIA precision enrollment helps to expand patient recruitment population.

Hard time:

In the current era of healthcare industry, bio-pharmaceutical companies are facing hardships in order to find patients for the research study trials. That’s why they are looking for new ways and art to find patient population for their research.


There are enormous pressures in term of cost and time required for the chronic development and success hinges on finding the right patients as quickly as possible.

IQVIA leverages:

IQVIA leverages the network of precision enrollment sites which provides the services to look for the specific targeted patient and wait until they are identified before investing and opening the site.

This new innovative way of working modifies the process of patient enrolment as IQVIA and sites to ensure that they are offering the right trials to the right patients in a streamlined way.

IQVIA’s web-portal:

IQVIA has experienced investigators and sites that use their portal to browse and manual studies to determine if there is a match between the patients and the trials. This process provides the recruiting power of a large network without the cost of opening each and every site. Once the patient is identified, their process is designed to start the study at the site within twenty one days.



Expands patient poll:

IQVIA precision enrollment process significantly expands the potential patient poll while opening sites for study only when they know they have qualified patient.

Connecting more patients with the study that is more tailored specifically for their situation providing them access to new treatment.

IQVIA precision enrollment promises to:-

1.     Right patients.

2.     Right sites.

3.     Within 21days.


IQVIA can help to improve the probability of success for the companies by helping them in all the hard points especially in recruiting patients.


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