IQVIA (Quintiles) - Glassdoor Review - EP. 6

IQVIA is the number one CRO industry because they have been adopting all the changes and directions of the industry towards huge data. IQVIA came into existence when quintiles that was also a world-wide recognized brand in CRO space merge with IMS that is the biggest vendor and data hub in USA and became quintiles IMS that was rebranded as IQVIA.


IQVIA is the biggest CRO in term of their revenue generation per year and it’s headquarter is in Durham North Carolina. This is a public industry having more than ten thousand employees.

PROs and CONs:

This industry also provides many pros and cons as given below:

·        Company provides PROs as good work life balance to their employees where employees will not be interrupted for their domestic life. Fully collaborated environment with colleagues and employees can also work remotely from home. They also allow their employees to work with top companies. Managers also provide enough flexibility by allowing their employees to stay longer at office. Schedules are flexible. Employees are also given health insurances and vacations.

·        CONs of the industry are that their main priority is their work as compared to domestic life of their employees as there will be no work life balance. Company requires huge tasks to be done. Pay is on the low cost.

All the pros allow their employees to be flexible and employees can choose their career in industry and can show maximum mobility in clinical industry.


Networking is the only way to get career progressions within the industry because they do not announce opportunities, new available positions and give less career progressions that are cons but having strong network with colleagues and other people in the company can help you to get raises, bonuses and can refer you for another position.

Acquisitions and merges:

Acquisitions and merges of the companies slow things down and there are less opportunities and present employees at lower positions don’t have any security for their job. Merges also slow down the studies and trials at the research sites. Higher positions still get their benefits and have job securities.

Salaries in IQVIA:

IQVIA pays their employees mostly in five figures as five figured salaries for CRAs, CTAs, CTLs but they also vary according to their experience and need for the company and managers especially of the management side of managers are given six figure salaries.


Interviews at IQVIA consist of six steps that take six days and applicants are interviewed six times every day for a week and then selected for the position depending upon their experiences and abilities where they are also asked behavioral questions. These six day interview program is difficult to pass from the interview.

Working in a large CRO industry as IQVIA gives great experiences and knowledge about the research work and studies and everything related to the CRO industry that can be beneficial when moving to another company and for career progression but career progression and interviews are difficult in IQVIA.


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