Healthcare industries are always facing challenges for constantly changing and complex regulatory environment. IQVIA built a rim smart global regulatory information management system to make it simpler and more efficient to stay in compliance across the complete product lifecycle. IQVIA rim smart system is built on leading technologies and powered by artificial intelligence and it is a single source for regulatory intelligence and information management. This system seamlessly connects regulatory, safety and quality platform to provide access to the right information enabling rapid, accurate response and proactive planning.

Rim smart system is cloud based and scales to meet the needs of the clients. People can use rim smart integrated modules like comprehensive publishing and contact management only when and where they need them whether globally or in specific market and with no additional capital costs by simplifying, automating and connecting regulatory processes.

Companies are focusing on delivering valuable products to market and keeping them in market. With the help of IQVIA rim smart regulatory information management system, healthcare industry can transform compliance from a cost center to an opportunity for innovation.


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