IQVIA Sales View – Pharma Industry Intelligence & Learning App

IQVIA’s sales view is the trusted resource used by thousands of pharmaceutical professionals in order to get access to reliable data about pharmaceutical industry. This app benefits from IQVIA’s deep intelligence polls on the pharmaceutical industry.

This app can be registered by the user’s company name in order to get market data analysis by company, molecules & therapy areas and brands.

It also provides the facility for its consumers to compare with selected market competitor’s performance, data, market growth drivers and top brands. The weekly and monthly market data analysis by IQVIA and leading pharmaceutical industry KOL helps to understand market dynamics in better ways.

This app has Pharma Bugle that keeps it users up-to-date with the latest news, IQVIA case studies of pharmaceutical companies and top leadership articles. RX intelligence has an exciting new capability of building features for pharmaceutical professionals with content created by leading KOL.

Sales view can help its utilizers to grow as professionals through career advancing tips for pharmaceutical rep, mid and senior level managers.

It provides the articles to read for relative pharma industry role models. Users can participate in polls and keep up with latest friends and opinions. They can take weekly quizzes, achieve a score card and earn a certificate at the end of the test series.

Sales view is unique business intelligence and learning app for the pharmaceutical industry that helps its consumers to get easy access to a lot of pharma relevant information and data.


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