IQVIA Technologies - Compliance

Compliances are required everywhere, in every business and company especially its healthcare. In healthcare, compliances are required with patients, to adhere safety obligations and all the regulators.

Integrated compliance platform:-

IQVIA has created an ecosystem that is an integrated compliance platform. This enables to understand the safety issue and to ensure that consumer is manufacturing the products based on the promised claims.

The number of adverse events is increasing and main reason is the manual processing of works.

Vigilance platform:-

Vigilance is the sales-force platform that infuses AI machine learning and takes a lot of hand holdings. This helps to bring the intake capabilities and automating the processes. This helps in the diversion of some of the resources and spending them in the right place with more value.

Compliance continues to expand in commercial settings and has become a global mandate that inescapable.

Global compliance platform:-

IQVIA has a global compliance platform that brings consumers experience into the enterprise. This makes it very easy to ask investigators or physicians to join and participate in the research works.


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