IQVIA Technologies - Orchestrated Clinical Trials

Orchestrated clinical trials are the ecosystem for the clinical trials with one ambition and vision to accelerate clinical development and bring medicines faster to the market. This ecosystem consists of many capabilities such as it helps to design a trial, setting up sites, with patient engagement and in managing the ongoing operations.

Enrollment issue:-

Many patients left the studies and do not participate in the studies due to the travelling issues. They have to travel for miles from their home to sites for the clinical study checkups. This cases the biggest patient enrollment issue.

IQVIA’s virtual trials:-

IQVIA with the help of its virtual trials has leveraged its platform strategy and intelligence IOT. They bring their sites to the patients in virtual trials. This helps in solving the logistical issue where the patients don’t need to travel to sites.

IQVIA E-consent:-

Patients has to read the consent documents that gives all the information regarding to the study they are participating in. these documents are 40 pages long and hard enough to read all of them. IQVIA provides them exceptional customer experience to the patients with IQVIA e-consent. This builds the trust from first day, educate the patients about the possibilities and the risks involved. This helps the patients to completely understand the reason why they are participating in the research study.

  • IQVIA came into existence to bring together the data and technology into workflow



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