IQVI Vigilance Platform

Most important purpose of clinical health industry is to provide safety of their customers. Their main ambition is to ensure safety of their patients and increasing the safety compliance volume and providing complexity of safety workload is not an easy task.

IQVIA provides a vigilance platform that is a transformational solution which provides integrated and comprehensive approaches to product safety. This differs from competing offerings in three significant ways:

1.     By utilizing innovative real-time AI pilot signal detection and automated adverse event management.

2.     Integrating seamlessly with IT infrastructure without requiring disruptive and costly upgrade projects.

3.     It is designed to flexible scale to cost effectively and efficiently to meet the needs of the company of all sizes.

This IQVIA vigilance platform simplifies safety processes boosting speed and accuracy and reducing the complexity and cost that make it very helpful to focus on resources and to deliver safer and more effective products.


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