IQVIA's Remittance Advisor

In this age of transformation, clinical, commercial and patient world are colliding. Organizations have to harness the potential of big data to improve healthcare.

IQVIA is the human data science company that is uniquely positioned to provide the most complete view of the entire patient experience. Its information and innovations are designed to address underserved areas of healthcare market. It offers customer the ability to generate previously unearthed insights.

In this era, healthcare industry should turn to other sources to understand:-

1.   Drug administration costs.

2.   Reimbursements policies for commercial versus medical or Medicaid patients.

3.    Reimbursement lags times.

Purpose of remittance advisor:-

IQVIAs remittance advisor is designed for the following purpose:-

·        To address complex buy and bill therapy access queries.

·        It empowers to go beyond prescription data to a more holistic view of total patient costs exposures.

·        To get ahead of concerns related to plan access and claim denials for expensive medications.

·        Benchmark medication utilization by plan and get the desired data faster than ever.



Remittance data:-

Remittance data enables for various causes:-

·        To make more informed decisions around pricing.

·        It delivers analytics that address key business queries.

·        It helps to discover opportunities to improve reimbursement lag times.

·        Educate the physicians on proper coding to reduce denials and ensures the claims are processed accurately.

IQVIA accesses:-

IQVIA with the help of its information and innovation is thinking of all the possibilities.  It has access to breakthrough technologies and breadth and depth of following:-

1.   Healthcare information.

2.   Subject matter expertise.

3.   Human ingenuity.

It helps to innovate with confidence to drive healthcare forward.


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