Is Loyalty In Clinical Research Overrated?

There are benefits for staying loyal to a company for a long period of time because people know your work ethics, you are comfortable to work in a team, having a well renowned image and you don’t need to prove yourself. When going for a job at a new place everyone has to prove himself and his work.

Cons of loyalty:

 The cons of loyalty in CRO space are given as:-

  • One of the biggest cons of loyalty is financial compensation that remains lower according to the market as compared to if employee moves to another company.
  • Staying at the same company for more than three years is a bad choice because they don’t provide proper pay raises and promotions.

People move:

People prefer moving from one company to another where they are getting more benefits, promotions and more money as compared to the company they are already working for. They find it very difficult to apply for higher positions in their company because they have to beg their managers first and are always underpaid for the worth of that position.

Provide more benefits and pays:

Companies should pay their employees more especially to CRAs and positions with high turnover, in order to make them loyal to avoid turnovers because there are always recruiters from different companies willing to offer extra pay and benefits to work for them and employee will move to the company providing more benefits.


Every time people move from one industry to another, it’s an opportunity for them to negotiate their salaries and benefits in order to get desired benefits and perks. This negotiation helps them to understand their needs, finances and future goals.



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