Is The Resume Dead?

Resumes are not dead yet but its dying a slow but steady death. Resumes can arise only when any new innovative ways for resumes will introduce but in present days, it’s becoming less efficient but still working.


The best way to get a job in any organization is through networking and there are numerous ways to network. One of them is referring friends and people from network for the job. Resumes are also used in networking where the recruiters forward the resume to the hiring manager. Resumes are still an element of use but they are not used as qualifiers for the job especially in networking. Managers still go through the resume but it’s no longer the only or most beneficial and efficient manner to get a job.

LinkedIn in CRO space:-

In clinical research, LinkedIn is the website that is used mostly to look for the opportunities and apply for them. Applicants can make their accounts and it works as digital resume. They can upload their experiences, skills, qualification, references and capabilities. This is better than resumes where people can also verify their uploaded specs. This is also searchable platform where recruiters can find and reach to required experienced people in the market with specific skills.

Practical work:-

In the present world, people prefer performance and demand the applicant to show their skills on the spot. Their performance helps them to get their job and to reserve their seat. There care about the skills and performance instead of their resumes.


CRO toward modernization:-

CRO industry is also moving toward the technical and modern ways for hiring people by using different networking platforms. They are moving toward the mobile world where they can reach people through digital means. They can interview and interact with people through Skype and other means.


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