Job Offer Fraud in Clinical Research Industry - EPIC Rant

Corporate industries are brutal in every part of the world but there is also meritocracy for the most part of it where the most experienced person has more opportunities to get the job and passionate individuals achieve quick promotions but it’s always not the same. Companies run over the individual who don’t have job and are desperate for it. They take maximum advantage from their necessity by not paying them well according to their skills and experience.

Experience can make a difference:-

People with almost a year of experience for the relevant industry they are applying for, they can easily negotiate their salaries and benefits according to their capabilities and past job privileges. They have more chances of getting jobs and more opportunities than a person who is new to the industry and have zero experience. They can easily make a difference with the help of all the skills, knowledge and abilities they gained from their experience.

Negative side/frauds:-

In CRO industry, people apply for the job opportunities at the same time and they differ from their backgrounds and experiences on the basis of which they are treated differently. Here comes the negative side of the industry where they offer the same benefits and salaries to the person with no experience and person with two years of industry relevant experience that is nothing less than a fraud. People with appropriate experience are unable to negotiate for the desired salaries whether they are able to perform their jobs and responsibilities more efficiently as compared to non-experienced individuals.

This is completely unfair and is happening in all the industries including CRO industries but to be seen with different perspective, it’s like a game and politics. People who play the games end up winning perks and those don’t play games, end up losing.


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