Job Rejection Sucks - Clinical Research Industry

People who want to start their career in clinical research industry get frustrated after getting a couple of rejections from few jobs they are applying for. There are certain things they should do to reduce the number of rejections and these are given as below:

1.     They should apply for more than two hundred positions in different companies that can help to get started in industry.

2.     Learn from your rejection and struggle to overcome those things you lack.

3.     Make positive changes in your resumes by adding position related keywords and all the experiences especially research related experiences.

4.     Prepare for the interviews by reviewing some the possible questions that can be asked by the recruiters. These questions can be related to the position and information mentioned in the resume.

5.     They should apply for recruiter’s job postings through various websites as LinkedIn, GlassDoor and

6.     Keep visiting companies websites and apply for every available position.

7.     Keep sending your resumes and emails to the recruiters.

8.     Find someone in your network who has been working in the company and use their referrals while applying for the job.

These are some of the strategies people should include in their manners while applying for the job opportunity especially when applying for the clinical research industry because it has become very competent industry where they require experience.


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