Keep patience to become a Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

When people want to become a CRA, they are not ready because they have no experience and know nothing about clinical research industry and their qualifications does not matter.

Be humble and start from the bottom. Whether your background belongs to medical field and there are a lot of job opening but without any experience, you are not going to be hired. You have no idea about monitoring, filing TMF and site utility, these things are necessary to be a CRA. You have to understand regulatory documents and procedures required in clinical research and there are a lot more things to learn.

It’s a difficult job because it is about someone’s life. Be patient and try to learn every single thing. It will be time consuming and may take a year or more but it will boost your knowledge, concepts, foundation and better understanding of facts about clinical research. And when you think you are ready, just go for it and you will absolutely have a bright career and will make a lot more money.

Above all, you can learn about clinical research by joining as a clinical trial assistant or a project coordinator and do that for year or a half and then move up to in-house CRA and you will learn about monitoring, writing reports and you will become able to talk to PIs and study coordinators as these are the same things a CRA does. After being an in-house for almost six months you can apply for field CRA.

Only thing you need to do is to keep patience and high spirit to learn and understand things. It won’t take much time but will transform you into a best CRA with successful career. 


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