Location Matters in Clinical Research

As clinical research industry is remote, but location matters at least in the initial years of your career. Project managers, CRAs, clinical trial leads and project directors work hundred percent remotely in clinical research.

When starting your career in clinical research, people are not allowed to work remotely. Any contract of TMF agreement for entry level job is possible to work remotely but someone with experience is preferable. An occasional contract position can be done remotely.  

People are having difficulty in getting into clinical research because their locations are not suitable.

Being located in an area of high population where possibilities of getting into clinical research are high because there are a lot of research centers, site level activities where you can get entry level jobs. There are also high chances of getting sponsors in high populated locations. To avoid much travelling CRAs prefer areas with more sites and research centers for monitoring. Locating close to clinical hubs will increase chances to get into clinical research.


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