Loneliness in the Workplace - Clinical Research Industry

Loneliness in the workplace is the matter of fact that it affects the people with different ways depending upon their attitude and character. In the workplace, people stay busy in doing their duties for most of the time but they interact with their colleagues and people around their offices in the company. These interactions can occur at coffee or at lunch time where they get to know each other, develop some kind of fellow relationship as colleagues and develop a network at their workplace. This is exactly what happens in CRO industry where these people within their network help each other with their careers and promotions.

CRO industry is becoming a remote industry to huge extent where people work remotely from their homes, from different country and they don’t need to attend their offices as they are working on the same project. They interact with each other through virtual ways using Skype and WebEx in order to discuss their work and protocols. There is no face-to-face collaboration and personal interaction with individuals. This ways to communicate with colleagues have different effects on the people at workplace.

Ø These are the things that create sort of loneliness at workplace where they don’t have some to personally and directly interact with.

Ø Changes in the ways of communication are one of the causes for loneliness that also affects the quality of communication that cannot be perfect with personal and direct interaction.

It introversive culture should be included in the companies for their employees where they can interact with each other and can develop a social network in order to prevent loneliness because loneliness can have bad impacts on company’s reputation when its employees are unable to perform with the best of the abilities with efficiencies.


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