Measuring the productivity of our industry

2018 is the year of most approvals by FDA which is the double increase to the prior ten years. 59 NC’s approved and most importantly the type of approvals. There were advancements in oncology and immunotherapy but one third of the last years approvals were comprised of the rare diseases.

Mostly the rare diseases affect children and compress their lives. There are 7000 rare diseases known to humankind and FDA had approvals for 5% of them in pre 2018.

The potential for healt5hcare industry to do good for the patients, children and the potential economic returns are huge.

The stakeholders having the issue that despite of the innovations returns are declining over the past ten years. R&D is outstripping net sales growth that is the measure of gross sales taking away rebates and discounts. This is because of the pricing pressures and healthcare reforms. Pricing was pretty good in the recent years.

Healthcare professionals as an industry should be better in ways to deploy their capitals and should find less capital ways of creating medicines.


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