Meeting Metrics as A CRA

For CRAs, there are visit windows for their studies in which they are scheduled for their visits and they have metrics to be done within the schedule. Managing metrics while taking long trips requires dedication and management skills as given below:

·        You should set an aim to meet your metrics whether you are well planned to make them or not.

·        When having a long trip for two weeks or a month, make sure your study team knows and they have to manage things without you.

·        Schedule your visits and make sure to complete them within your visit window.

·        Complete your visits and don’t let your CRA to physically visit the sites and his only need is to deal with email enquiries, so he will not question your trips and vacations.

·        Don’t rely on any CRA to perform your visit and make sure to report your visit within time.

·        Do your study as much as you can and your study team is not left with much when you are gone for vacations. You have to be busy with your study to meet you metrics.

When you are not able to meet your visit window and having a half month vacation:

·        You are going to lose your monthly bonuses.

When someone needs a vacation, he has to perform more work before and after the vacations.


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