Mental Health in the Corporate Workplace

Mental health is one of the major issues of a workplace in these recent years. It has become a major focus in almost every company around the world.

Companies are hiring professional and also giving their employee a little bit more space to exercise in order to improve their health and are ready to pay for their gym expenses.

All this mental issue rose when the email of an employee reached out to company’s CEO and it was about having some days off due to mental illness. This issue was given height and it also broke into the news that it’s time to work on mental health of the employees.

But there are still companies who are not serious about their employees and their health does not matter to the company’s owner. They do not find their employee’s application for mental health leave as valid and are giving them warning for losing their job.

After doing work for hours and for months without any break to rest and to recover both mentally and physically, will damage health and is always bad for the company as it will affect the performance of the employee. Breaks can be helpful for the employees to recover both mentally and physically. So they will come with new motivation and will be able to work more prominently. This will improve their performance that will be beneficial for the company itself.

This should become a culture for the companies, so they will not meet with such issue again and it will help to build a healthy society.



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